Beat That Speeding Ticket

Traffic violation, ugh! That is the last thing I want to hear these days. You know, you’re on your way to the office, and the day is going great. Traffic is going as it normally does and you get stopped. Cop says you were in violation of some stupid penal code; you habitually huff assuming he is a Ticket Nazi and how can I persuade him that I wasn’t speeding?

You overtly show him your license, registration and insurance. He meanders back to his car, types something in his computer, meanders back and issues you a. As a mother of three, it is the last thing I want to hear because I have been there before and I know what it entails. I got my children stressing me out, a job to get to and a car payment that I just recalled I forgot to pay. Doing what any other dumbass on the brink of break down does, I beg to get out of the traffic violation. “Please Ticket Naa. Besonders häufig findet man solche zerstörungen am sehnerven, im hirnstamm, im hausarbeit schreiben beispiel kleinhirn und an den hintersträngen des rückenmarks? I mean. Mr. , could you find it in your heart to keep this between us?” He looks at me with sympathy but insists and gives me a ticket anyways. As the Ticket Nazi disappears into the fiery pits of hell I pray that I don’t acquire more speeding tickets by somehow f**king up as I get back on the street. How do I get stopped in a Dodge Caravan? I know it is not that pretty but damn, it aint that bad! I wasn’t driving like some out of control maniac or trying to set a new record. I just happened to cross paths with a ticket overlord and I cannot afford it. Now being that this is the information age, I knew there had to be ways of but what would be the best way to go about it? With bills accumulating I knew that when I got home it was essential that I do some research besides, slipping up on my credit card payment was a mistake that was going to cost an arm and a leg. So off to the library I went. I was looking in the law annals but really it looked like hieroglyphs. I then refocused my mind to some piece of literature that guarantees you will get out of your speeding fines but as I am poking through I notice that it was published for infractions given in Alabama. That aint my state! Now I am getting really frustrated and feeling sad and ready to suck it up and re-adjust my finances to make room for this inane traffic ticket. Nearly in tears, some gentleman in the seat next me tells me about. So when I got home with the inkling of sanguinity I had hidden deep down inside and found it. I finally felt relieved and a smile once again regains its place on my face. I did end up using it when it the time came; but I ended up paying a little bit of the ticket. It would seem there were some things I did wrong trying to haggle that day that cost me the eradication but most of it had to do with a laser, radars or that thing called proof. Hold up a moment, the next time I got pulled over I whipped out my ticket book data base and it did work. I didn’t even have to go to court! Muhahahaha. Those highway overlords have nothing on this mom. They can ticket me till they retire for all I care but it is just a waste of my time which, by the way, still pisses me off.

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