Fighting Traffic Tickets

Nothing can destroy your driving attitude like a traffic ticket. Since I feel the urgency to drive. fast that is; the largest difficulty with it is termed speeding tickets. I hate speeding tickets. I find it evident that I am not the only pedal pushing heavy foot who has gotten one of these “infractions. ” They are deplorable for the most part. Like. There was this one time I was on a trip with my boyfriend and I got stopped for moving slightly under way too fast. There were no signs indicating a speed change coming off the freeway on the Oregon Coast. If a speedometer on a automobile allows up to 120mph, why make a speed limit at 65mph on the freeway? They need you to break the law so they can steal your doe. I guess cops get off making you feel ignorant by asking you if you know what you did. Duh! They must think you are stupid enough to acknowledge you’re guilty before you have your day in court. Fight speeding tickets by finding the loopholes in the system! A seemingly reasonable speeding ticket is just a mask for the real cost. Inevitably you habitually get ordained to show in court during working hours so that you constantly lose more money. Now your seemingly doable ticket has inevitably turned into a surprisingly overwhelming ticket. There is nothing good associated with speeding tickets. So I advocate appealing speeding tickets every time. Of course if you are a girl you have a greater chance of entertaining a warning instead of the alternative, well that is if you are blessed enough to get cited by a man highway patroller. This is an honest story. I was speeding on some road in Arizona and I was stopped for ignoring a double yellow, directly in front of on coming traffic, which this one unfortunately for me, happened to be a cop car, perusing at a cool 90 in a 35mph zone, with a Washington issued license, a car registered in California, and auto insurance in Arizona!
Now I had on a bikini at the time, which I argued influenced the cop’s decision to let me off because I was smoking hot that day. In hindsight I realize that the cop had no evidence I was speeding. Looking back it would be nearly impossible to clock my precise speed even if the cop measured me by radar since the reading would have been inaccurate considering our paths. So there is a way out of such overt violations. After reading this eBook I was presented with on , looking back now I can say it was without a doubt the lack of valid evidence that got me off the hook, not my bikini. I rarely ever get as lucky as before but now I am self assured I have a feasible case regarding my tickets being reduced or tossed out. I probably won’t get that lucky again and my driving background is not entirely admirable, so I have to pay an arm and a leg to insure my car and I have ill reservations towards traffic school. What do you do at a red light? Come on! It is like being in kindergarten again. It is not like I do not know the traffic laws I just have difficulty when it comes to maintaining them. Like sex, I know that not doing it is best for shielding yourself against STDs but I would rather have protection!
Like Duh, to bypass speeding tickets you surely should avoid hauling ass. Whateva! First of all, I cannot stand when I am stuck behind some old man with Mrs. Daisy riding in the passenger’s seat his Buick Regal and because most speed limits are just not conducive to my driving. I was stopped in a parking lot once for going 10 mph. For the love of god, my five year old can wander brisker than that. I truly feel fortunate to have a co-blogger like ruth who gets my thinking writing essays about the teaching of writing and pushes back on it. Basically, beating the dishonorable speeding ticket is cake if you know where you can get the information you need to master it.

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