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2) I wntd 2 go hm ASAP, 2C my M8s again At college. As well as their meaning, obviously is. 2) I wanted to go residence the moment possible, to determine my buddies again – but I really believe this legitimate SMS case is of more educational importance. But then it is exactly about understanding some well-established SMS shortcuts also – you should not transform the wheel, I suppose. Here’s a truly brief illustration of the reason: BF – partner D8 – day U – you IMAO – within my pompous opinion (Im, in my own humble belief, views should be humble!;-)) TEXT ABBREVIATIONS MENTALITY – are you there? MTE – my thoughts exactly AFZ – acronym free zone (!) 2M2H – a lot to handle IK – I know:-@ – screaming ;-) – wink (in case you didn’t know!) Should you get my float! As with all languages, the SMS terminology is ever-growing, and just a few of the tens of thousands of terms/phrases/techniques accessible will ever maintain popular use at any one occasion. Denn dann ghostwriter buch schreiben wird der nc höchstwahrscheinlich hoch geschraubt und dann ist es fraglich, ob ich noch die chance auf einen studienplatz habe.


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