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Featuring a whole 73 units of the collection in-concert, three music films and not before seen video of the five men. This can be a great charm necklace with individual pictures of the five-band people: Harry Models, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan along side red center bracelets of each of their labels. Location this poster on her door and everybody will know shes a One Way admirer. But it wasn’t terribly useful since you could typically throw only a sentence or two at it, then wait for it to digest that, and try again. The poster attributes each group participant on what resembles a photograph booth strip An black One Course T-shirt with eight colorful squares: five of them together with the personal group members looks as well as the additional four with identity stamped in it. Get your fans favorite 1D group participant in a12-inch toy. These pose-able dolls could keep her business while she does her homework or concealed into her tote when she visits Grandmother. What could possibly be better than a life-size cutout of one’s favorite One Way band member? One Route Lunch Bag Deliver your Directioner down using a lunch case sporting a picture of 1D plus they mightn’t possibly balk in the vegetables you loaded!


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